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Otherwise known as Caustic Soda or Lye.

Always add the lye to the water carefully as caustic soda can be harmful. Fumes will be produced so mix only outdoors or in a well-ventilated space. The mixture will become hot. Use only glass, porcelain, or ceramic containers. Do not use metal or plastic containers for curing olives. Use wooden spoons, not metal, to stir the mixture.

Handle lye with care! Lye is very caustic and can cause serious burns! Lye burns should be treated by running them under fresh tap water for 15 minutes, and then consulting a physician. Never try to neutralize a lye burn with lemon juice or vinegar; mixing acids and bases can be dangerous. If lye gets into the eyes, rinse the eyes with running water and call the doctor. If lye is swallowed, call a doctor, drink milk or egg whites - do NOT induce vomiting.

Use only food-grade lye to cure olives. Never use drain openers or oven cleaners to cure olives.

Pour the used lye solution down the toilet and flush several times or carefully pour down a sink drain followed by rinsing with cold water.


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