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The Mission olive is a tree of strong vigor with an erect shape and canopy of medium density.  The leaves are of medium length and width with an elliptic shape.  The tree is self-pollinating.

The fruit is of medium weight and a slightly asymmetrical ovoid shape.  It is prized as a dual-purpose variety; being used in green and black pickled table olives as well as a butter sweet oil with a delicate fruitiness.  When mature, the fruit has about 32% oil content.  The pit has a medium removal force and is freestone.

Bearing is medium and alternating, with ripening in November through February.  Flowering is in late May.

The Mission is considered hardy because of its resistance to cold.  It is considered sensitive to olive leaf spot and leaf wilt, but it is resistant to olive knot.

The fruit of the Mission is renowned for the oil.  It has a light, delicate flavor that never overpowers the food it compliments.

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Mission Olive tree

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